Friday, August 3, 2012

An Open Letter to Republicans From a Libertarian

Hi, Republican. I’m a Libertarian – I could also be one of those “swing voters” that we all keep hearing about. I want to let you know that there are several things that your party can do to win my vote. These probably won’t be easy things to fix, but if winning elections is important to you, you’ll sit down, shut up, and listen to what I have to say. It’s a short list, but every one of these is important.

     1. GET THE RELIGIOUS INFLUENCE OUT OF YOUR PARTY. Not everyone is Christian, and not everyone views “Christian Values” as the “be all to end all.” I, for example, believe that there is no objective morality – these things are not black and white; morality is a spectrum. Most issues are shades of gray. Get over yourself. 

      2.STOP ATTACKING ABORTION. Against abortion? Great – don’t have one; don’t support it. But don’t go after Roe v. Wade like it’s a modern-day Crusade.  Its one thing to say “I believe abortion is wrong,” but another thing entirely to say “NO ONE should be able to have an abortion.” It’s that objective morality thing again – not everyone believes as you do, and it’s about time to acknowledge that to live in this world peacefully with others, we’ll have to just agree to disagree on some things. 
3.STOP ATTACKING GAY MARRIAGE. Just stop – really. Most of the rhetoric against this is religious; if the religious argument is taken out of the equation, then this is simply a civil rights issue…and you’re impeding progress. Personally, I don’t think that the government should have anything to do with marriage. But fighting this just makes you look intolerant, pig-headed, and opposed to change. It also looks as if you want to impose your religious beliefs on others. As I have said before…please, please stop. You’re getting really worked up over an “issue” that hurts no one, and will not affect you in the least.

      4.FIND A QUALIFIED, SANE, ELECTABLE CANDIDATE. Mitt Romney is not it. Clue: Most people think that Mormons are crazy at worst and just a bit odd at least. I’m honestly at a loss as to why you would even entertain the idea of putting a candidate like this up on the stump. I’m quite sure that there are politicians in D.C. that were more qualified – perhaps they didn’t have a handsome face or straight-enough teeth. But we’re making an investment in our country, here. We’re not just electing a man (or woman), we’re electing OUR REPRESENTATIVE. Romney does not “represent” me or my values, in any way, shape, form, or fashion. Neither does Obama for that matter, but this letter is for you, not the Democrats.

      5. STOP WITH THE ELITISM. JUST STOP IT. I can understand making the point that the rich pay more taxes and, when the numbers are crunched, contribute more than the middle and lower classes. I can understand this – but don’t make “saving” the rich a crusade. I don’t believe that people, companies, or banks should be punished for being successful; all I ask is that they pay their fair share. If you keep protecting the rich, people are going to think that you care more about the folks up in the ivory tower than you do about the middle and lower classes – you know, the people that actually VOTE and ELECT you. Change soon or your jobs will be in jeopardy.

      See? It’s not a long list. But your party has major flaws that have to be dealt with before I’ll be comfortable enough to vote Republican. There are quite a few people that feel the same way, and you won’t be able to reach them unless you fix these glaring errors of judgment.

      I’m tired of the elephant and donkey show. I’m going to vote my heart – and if anyone says that voting for a third-party candidate is “wasting” my vote, I’ll say this: 
“No vote is wasted if you vote your conscience.”


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